Privacy Policy

Abcislands understands the importance of protecting your data

We pledge to you our full-time commitment to safeguard your personal information and navigational data, in accordance with the best online business practices and applicable international law.

By registering your account at Abcislands Online Casino, you’re automatically consenting to our collecting of your personal data, including personal details and navigation records. All the information is collected by our technicians to learn more about our players’ preferences and to improve our games, promotional programs and general menu of services. Abcislands also makes use of collected navigational data for marketing research purposes, as well as for the study of better techniques of market product placement.

Abcislands will NEVER disclose any of your personal information or navigational data for any other purpose than the aforementioned, nor without your FULL consent or previous legal authorization.
Please review the following list of Privacy Policies. Please desist from opening an account with Abcislands if you disagree with any of the dispositions appearing below.

  • Abcislands makes use of cookies to track the activities of our players while on our site. Cookies help in understanding our customers’ preferences, and in the study of the online-use tendencies. If you do not wish to allow the use of tracking cookies while on Abcislands Online Casino, please change your browser’s cookie settings, normally located within the Internet Options menu of your favorite browser.
  • Abcislands may reach out to active and inactive players occasionally, via email or telephone for support or promotional purposes. Abcislands Players may request to be taken out of Abcislands ’s mailing list and/or any other means of contact at any time. Please email [email protected] or click LIVE CHAT.
  • Abcislands will collect the record of EVERY communication held with all customers via phone call, email message, SMS and chat transcript; Abcislands players may request a copy of the documented communications at any time. Please email [email protected] or click LIVE CHAT.
  • Abcislands will proceed to delete all communication records after the completion of a natural year. Abcislands will NOT ‘save’ any older documentation of communications held with customers under ANY circumstances.
  • Abcislands will not divulge your personal information to any third party, unless so demanded by law entities, or connection with the data requests made by lawful bodies, in connection with any ongoing legal investigation.
  • Abcislands may also need to make use of your personal information when in connection to any Casino House inquiries regarding unlawful on-site activities, such as the commission of transactional fraud, money laundering or the confirmed, system-documented fact that a player has engaged in cheating, pertaining to any of our online casino games, promos or products.
  • Abcislands players may request to change or update their personal information at any point. Please email [email protected] or click LIVE CHAT.
  • Abcislands will not destroy any personal information or navigational data, unless so requested by legal mandate, or, by the natural conclusion of the service provider-customer relationship.
  • Lasly, Abcislands will not disclose your banking details, winnings reports, or any other transactional records, with any national entity or agency, unless otherwise forced by legal inquiry.