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Open Teasers and Parlays

If you want to make a teaser or parlay wager but can't make up your mind on all of your selections, ABC Islands Casino & Sportsbook offer open bets of up to 1 open team on standard parlays and teasers. This means you have up to six additional days to makeup your mind.

  • On a 2 or 3 team parlay or teaser one open spot is allowed.
  • Open spots are not allowed on parlays or teasers of 4 or more teams.
  • Open spots are not allowed on Monster or Sweetheart teasers.
  • Any open teasers and parlays that are not filled (closed) in six days from the date of the wager will be considered no action and the dollar amount of your risk on that particular wager will be returned to your account balance.
  • You may only leave a maximum of 1 open slot per wager in an open bet, but you may place as many open wagers as you like on any event we offer at that specific time.
  • The Total of all open wagers CANNOT exceed $3000. Ungraded OPEN wagers that exceed this amount will be cancelled. It is the player's responsibility to keep track of the amount of money wagered on any specific team. This can be done by checking the pending wager report in the wagering software.