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Will Spain make it past the quarter finals in the World Cup of Football?

By: Seth Miller

Among the top contestants to win the World Cup of Football are Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Uruguay, England, Portugal, Netherlands and Colombia.

Now, Spain will most likely win first place in their group - the only real contender is the Netherlands team, but they will probably win against them - which sends them to the next stage.

In the next stage they would be facing the team that came in second place of Group A - which I would normally say it will be Mexico, but with their recent performance I can't really say that - which regardless of whom it is, they will win the match and move on to quarter finals.

Here is get where it gets tricky.

Spain would be facing either the winner of group D or the team that came in second place of team C. Since Colombia will take first place on that group, it's almost certain that any team that comes in second will lose against the winner of group D. However, group D is in a completely different level.

I can't recall a group as challenging as group D in my lifetime. England, Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay will be facing each other. That's three world cup champions and a team that has the potential to give them trouble.

Most people will discard Costa Rica immediately - which seems quite logical - but they have proven to be capable of winning against very strong teams; at the very least they will make them work for that victory.

If we take out Costa Rica, and because Uruguay doesn't seem to be in top shape, it'll be England and Italy who will make it into the next round (probably).

That means that Spain will be facing off Italy or England during quarter finals.

Even when Spain has a great team and is the current world champion, England and Italy both have very strong teams.

Honestly, I believe Spain has a better shot against England that against Italy; not because England is lacking in any way, but because of how they play.

Italians are very explosive and can easily ruin the games pace for Spain, meanwhile English players tend to keep the game at a similar speed and intensity as Spaniards.

Regardless of that, it's quite possible that Spain makes it to the finals if they pass this trial (the next game would probably be less challenging believe it or not), which could make them world champions two times in a row.

Take that into account when preparing your odds.


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