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Selecting Customers

By: Seth Miller

Most of us have been convinced that we live in a world of continuous competition where clients will choose the best provider available.

This concept isn't entirely wrong, but because most of us assume other things from that idea, we tend to forget that there are different ways to build and run a business, including the fact that we can select which clients we want to deal with.

In other words, not only clients can be picky about which method they choose to bet, but we bookies can also decide which clients we accept and which ones we reject.

At this point most of you are probably confused and thinking why on earth would you decide to refuse to give your service to a new customer?

After all, the more clients the more money we make, right?

Once again, although that may seem like a logical principle, humans don't necessarily act based on logic, but emotions.

There's two terms of marketing which apply here, which are the principle of scarcity and the concept of exclusivity.

Let's start with the concept of scarcity. Most people are still reluctant to bet online through online sportsbooks, which leaves them with no option but finding a local bookie to deal with. Now, normally we aren't that easy to find and we tend to be territorial, so if you sudden deny your services to a client (or several prospects), the illusion of scarcity is created - remember that they don't want to bet online for various reasons - which in return increases the amount of possible clients (people want what they can't have).

And second, you have the concept of exclusivity. The more exclusive something is, more people want in on it.

Take for example Rolex; they offer amazing watches, but there are other brands with great watches as well. Rolex doesn't sell only their product, but the concept that by buying one of their products you suddenly fall into the world of the elite; they sell the idea of a lifestyle.

You obviously can't offer a similar idea, but you can certainly sell the idea of a community and secure business (as secure as it can be). You can even charge more juice if you tell them you're way too booked and aren't looking for new customers - when you do this they will beg you to let them in, and you tell them you'll make an exception as long as they don't tell and a slightly higher juice for the inconvenience - although remember you do need to keep rejecting players who don't seem worthwhile for long term business (if you accept everyone, someone will spill the beans eventually).

Basically, you want to make your service be targeted only to people who can afford it, and at the same time, give that illusion of exclusivity which attracts clients like zombies.

If you're still doubting the principle of exclusivity, just think about this; when you're in a relationship (being a man) all women just start flirting with you and sending out signals, but when you're single most will just ignore you (you'll still find some interested, but not in the same way). It's like they can smell when you're taken, and that just makes you more attractive. And the same way you can act as though you're taken (you tend to change certain mannerisms and things which they notice), you can pretend to have so many clients that you just don't want more.

I'd say happy fishing, but with this method it's like electrocuting the lake; all that'll be left to do is collect your prey.

Note: Oh, do understand that you'll need someone to spread the word at the beginning (someone you know or hire); you figure it out - I already gave you the most important part of the idea, it's up to you to implement it.


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