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Price Per Head Services

Have A Life With Price Per Head

By: Seth Miller

Although price per head companies are not miraculous and can't simply take care of the entire business while you take unlimited vacations, we can certainly reduce the workload for you; thus, giving you more time to look for new clients and do whatever you want.

If your main income comes from being a bookie you probably understand the need to be constantly tending to clients and finding new ones to cover deserters, which is the main reason you will understand the value that price per head companies provide by making your life easier through services and products which reduce your workload and give you much more time.

We, as price per head company, offer you customer service agents that will take your clients calls in a professional way, bookmaker software which allows you to keep track of everything, including promotions and bonuses, web design service, the option to use our live casino software so clients bet on poker, blackjack or other casino games and increase your income, as well as various payment options and reduced fees for all our services.

Most price per head companies out there aren't worth your time, much less your money.

There are several competitors which are worth it, we won't lie about that because there are obviously other worthwhile price per head companies, however, most aren't.

Yet, we are definitely among the best - if not the best - in the industry.

When looking for a price per head company remember to consider the real reason why you're looking to invest in such a service, maximize profits while reducing your workload. Even if you will be paying a weekly fee based on the amount of active players you have, most of your responsibilities will be taken care of, and the more players you bring in, the lower the fee.

Finally, you could easily set up your own operations, however, you would increase the cost (as you would need to hire staff, rent an office, set up computers, buy software, etc...) and your workload wouldn't decrease as much (if it actually decreases since you would need to take care of the office and have other new responsibilities to tend to).


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