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Find information about sportsbook betting, online casinos, betting tips, strategies and much more. Also, you can find some interesting profiles and bios of the most famous people in the betting industry.

We know you need a pint of luck to win, an we wish you the best! But, keep visiting this section, if you want to learn the HOW TO's for casino games, sportsbook betting, sports predictions and odds.

Best Sports Betting Articles

Will Spain make it past the quarter finals in the World Cup of Football?

Among the top contestants to win the World Cup of Football are Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Uruguay, England, Portugal, Netherlands and Colombia.

Now, Spain will most likely win first place in their group - the only real contender is the Netherlands team, but they will probably win against them - which sends them to the next stage.

In the next stage they would be facing the team that came in second place of Group A - which I would normally say it will be Mexico, but with their recent performance I can't really say that - which regardless of whom it is, they will win the match and move on to quarter finals.


By: Seth Miller

Date: MAR. 4, 2014

Category: Price per Head

Benefits of Price per Head

The price per head services can only bring benefits to your bookie needs by giving you the tools, the technology and many other features that will allowed your services to provide your customers the opportunity to have the best betting options the market has to offered and is important that you know all the benefits ABC price per head has to offered you by providing so many good products and services adapted to your needs to guarantee the advantage you need in this changing industry only ABC can provide.

One of the first benefits you will gen from ABC prices per head is the security. The company provide the most secure services in the industry to make sure that your clients will have peace of mind that all information, stats and sensitive information they share with you is completely and 100% safe because this price per head knows that the security is first when handling the most precious asset you have are your clients.


By: Andrew Smith

Date: MARCH 20, 2014

Category: Price per Head

Have A Life With Price Per Head

Although price per head companies are not miraculous and can't simply take care of the entire business while you take unlimited vacations, we can certainly reduce the workload for you; thus, giving you more time to look for new clients and do whatever you want.

If your main income comes from being a bookie you probably understand the need to be constantly tending to clients and finding new ones to cover deserters, which is the main reason you will understand the value that price per head companies provide by making your life easier through services and products which reduce your workload and give you much more time.


By: Seth Miller

Date: MARCH 18, 2014

Category: Price per Head

ABC Price per head � We care about you and your customers

The difference between a good price per head company and a great price per head company lies upon the the products, promotions, customer experience and the added value your price per head provider give to your clients, the most important part of your company to guarantee your success and make you grow your business with the positive advantage you need in the market with the most easy, modern, personalized, individual and competitive professional service a company like ABC Per Head will provide you.


By: ABC per Head

Date: MARCH 14, 2014

Category:Price per Head

Price Per Head And Rare Bets Read

Although this isn't for everyone, some of us have dealt with not-so-common bets - some still do - for example, betting on who will be the next girlfriend of a given celebrity, or if the value of a bitcoin will increase or decrease over a certain value in a certain period of time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Accepting Bitcoins Read

Since we work in an environment where being anonymous is ideal, Bitcoins would seem to be the perfect solution to avoid dealing with cash and potential legal issues; however, as convenient as this digital currency may seem, it has its flaws.

Selecting Customers Read

Most of us have been convinced that we live in a world of continuous competition where clients will choose the best provider available.

Guide to Secure Internet Sports Betting Read

If you want to enjoy secure online sports betting, you need to make sure you engage in gambling action at a sportsbook you can trust. There are many reputable websites, such as NordicBet.

4 Tips for Sports Betting Online Read

Online sports betting is a popular form of gambling entertainment that has existed for years. Those who are new to it and who are looking for some pointers may find the following tips useful.

3 Myths and Facts about Gambling Read

Some things you hear about gambling are true, others are false. For instance, you may have heard in the news that New York Knicks players from the 80's were accused of taking part in a fixed sports betting scheme to benefit their drug dealer.

Get Success in Betting with PPH Read

Price per head sports betting is a popular sports betting system, which is used to fulfill the requirements of bettors. Sports bettors always need a system, which easily fulfills all their needs and wants.

Basic Idea of Price per Head Read

For some sports bettors, the concept of price per head on the first sight seems so difficult and complicated. They have wrong perception about this system because they never know about the practices of PPH betting system.

PPH Guides and Agents Read

Price per head is like a godfather of bettors. The sports betting are the commonly played for a factor of money. The simple earning of money is providing by pay per head. It is the star icon of sports betting world. It gives energy to this game.

Ideal of Gamblers Read

Sports gambling have real games, which are connecting people. It is a worldwide game. The large number of teams and player’s will be linked with this game. Means you can bet on any game or team.

New bingo games every day Read

In playing the games listed below, you need to be cautious since they could mean disastrous for you as a player. Here are some of the casino bets you should avoid if you do not want any form of casino disaster.

Satisfactory Services of PPH Read

There are various types of services offered by price per head betting solutions for customers. They offer their services in such a way that they satisfy the needs and wants of clients.

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