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3 Myths and Facts about Gambling

Some things you hear about gambling are true, others are false. For instance, you may have heard in the news that New York Knicks players from the 80’s were accused of taking part in a fixed sports betting scheme to benefit their drug dealer. While this may, in fact, be true, there are certain things you may have heard about gambling that are not.

The following are 3 myths and true facts about gambling that you would be wise to keep in mind should you choose to partake in this entertainment online or in a land-based establishment.

Myth – Some machines are “hot”
Fact – All machines have been programmed to provide random results and random payouts. 1X2gaming Software, for example, is an online casino gaming software developer that is well known for creating sports-themed games. Their simple, yet unique selection of games, have been designed to provide random results to ensure outcomes are fair to both the gambling operator and the players.

Myth – Players have control over the outcome of a bet
Fact – It’s not possible for you to have control over the game. There is no guarantee that you will ever win.

Myth – Sooner or later you will hit a big win.
Fact – The odds are always against the player; you are never favored to win. You may win once, you may win frequently, or it may never happen at all. The success you achieve is entirely random.